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Equipment and tools are available today that put counterfeiting ability in the hands of those who previously did not have appropriate graphic or printing skills, making law enforcement's efforts to stop this crime much more difficult.

In an effort to assist law enforcement, credentialing industry solution providers have partnered with state and federal agencies to form the Document Security Alliance (DSA); our goals are continually aimed at improving security documents and security related procedures.

The DSA provides a forum for Government Agencies to meet and work with the Private Sector and Academia; to resolve issues related to the production and distribution of counterfeit documents.

This partnership of more than 75 companies and 15 Government Agencies have organized committees within the meetings and have worked diligently to provide recommendations on processes, methods, techniques and technologies that could be used to improve document security.

Participants at these gatherings have continued to include a broad representation from the credentialing industry including system integrators, card manufacturers, secure printing companies, printer manufacturers; security features producers, encryption organizations, smart card and biometric providers, as well as security industry associations.

As members' of the security technology industry, we have a duty to seek new avenues that protect the integrity of identification documents and trace the origination of documents that are illegally created. It is only then that we can truly enhance security not only in the U.S.; but globally.

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