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Date Article
02-17-2017 Arrest for Forgery of Goverment Document
01-12-2017 Man arrested for making fake documents in Butler County
10-12-2016 Over 400 Fake IDs Confiscated in Crackdown on Underage Drinking
04-15-2016 Fake passport seizures at UK borders 'at five-year high'
12-17-2015 Jamaican National Accused of Falsifying Immigration Stamp
08-10-2015 States Crack Down on Driver's License Fraud
06-15-2015 More than 30 People Arrested in a Phony Driver’s Licenses Scheme
03-30-2015 New Ontario Birth Certificates Claimed to be Easier to Verify and Harder to Forge
02-06-2015 NSF Undergraduate Research Opportunity Application
NSF Research Experience Application
2015 Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity
09-05-2014 Arrest In Thailand for Passport Fraud
06-10-2014 RCMP Arrest Man Accused of Obtaining Fraudulent Passports
03-10-2014 Warning to Spring-Breakers: Leave your fake ID at home
10-14-2013 Three Plead Guilty in Fake ID Ring
08-20-2013 Fraudulent Minnesota Licenses - A Threat to National Security
06-17-2013 Mother and Son Accused of Making own Money
03-07-2013 Facial Recognition System Leads to Thousands of Fraud Arrests
03-05-2013 Men Arrested for Making Forged Cuban Birth Certificates
01-07-2013 Man Charged with Passport Fraud
11-07-2012 Man Arrested for Stuffing ATM with Counterfeit Bills
09-28-2012 GAO: Counterfeit IDs Present Real Risks
09-26-2012 Breeding Change: Puerto Rico’s new Birth Certificate Policy
09-11-2012 Suspect in fake IDs, birth certificates, arrested in eastern Nebraska
08-07-2012 17 Arrested in Counterfeit Driver's License Scheme
07-13-2012 Coupon Counterfeit Ring Busted in Phoenix
05-30-2012 Members of Counterfeit Document Production Ring Sentenced to Prison
01-16-2012 ICE HSI New York targets identity theft ring
01-09-2012 Arrests for Passing Counterfeit Checks
11-30-2011 Arrest in Fake ID and Gift Card Scam
11-07-2011 Massive Faudulent Document Manufacturing Operation in LA
Ringleader and Co-Conspirators Who Supplied Document-Making Materials to Others Across United States Named in Federal Indictments
10-18-2011 Inspector General and Universities Employ Stricter Measures to Investigate Fraud rings
09-16-2011 Getting a Fake ID Has Become Too Easy
08-03-2011 Man Arrested in ID Fraud Case
06-23-2011 American Fugitives Caught Hiding in Queenland
THREE American fugitives have been caught hiding in remote far north Queensland after they moved to the country on fake passports more than 25 years ago.
Flight Attendant Used Fake ID in Past Arrest
06-09-2011 Nineteen indicted in breakup of painkiller distribution ring
Conviction in Fake Document Ring Case
04-11-2011 4 Arrested in Counterfeit Scam
01-02-2011 30 People Charged in VA for Running Fake Identification Ring
09-23-2010 Man Indicted for using False Identification
08-27-2010 13 indicted for selling counterfeit documents at Houston flea markets
07-07-2010 More than 100 Fraudulent Travel Documents Seized at California Ports of Entry
06-03-2010 ID-V Call for Participation
Call for Participation - Development of an American National Standard for Identity Verification
05-13-2010 Identity Theft Made Easy
video conveys the damage a digital copier can do in the area of privacy and identity theft
03-08-2010 Visa Security: Getting Back to Basics
An analysis into the struggle by the U.S. government to ensure visa security
01-11-2010 Sacramento Dealership Employees Help Foil Alleged Thieves' Spree
09-15-2009 Four Busted in Check Scam
08-27-2009 Man charged in largest-ever ID theft scheme
07-02-2009 Two Men Arrested for Passing Fake Bills
05-27-2009 Teens Arrested for Counterfeiting
03-30-2009 Document Security Alliance Issues Report to the Nation
03-12-2009 59 Smugglers Arrested in 11 Cities
02-03-2009 Counterfeit Arrests in US Hit Five-Year High
12-10-2008 Man Uses Car to Promote Fake IDs and Gets Arrested
11-07-2008 Man Bribes Examiner, Ends up in Jail
10-31-2008 DMV Clerk Sold Fake IDs To Teens
10-02-2008 Hotel Manager Charged in Counterfeiting Scheme
Hotel manager arrested for counterfeiting in Huntington Beach
09-24-2008 Craigslist User Indicted For Counterfeit Money, Software
Craigslist User Indicted For Counterfeiting
09-11-2008 DSA Launches New Web Site
DSA announces launch of new website
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